The IIS: An LEA Perspective

Presenter:  Dawn Henry, Director of Teaching and Learning, Oregon City Schools

Summary:  As one of the first 10 districts chosen to participate in Ohio’s Instructional Improvement System (IIS) pilot during the spring of 2013, Oregon City Schools selected 15 third-grade instructors as its pilot team and continues to participate in the current statewide Race to the Top rollout.

The pilot began with understanding assessment design – what makes a test item good and how does one recognize bad test items? In conjunction with Bowling Green State University Center for Evaluation:

  • Teacher training on assessment design was provided;
  • Trained teacher teams reviewed and edited Northwest Evaluation Association items to create 3-part End-of-Course exam administered in May 2013;
  • Bowling Green State University Center for Evaluation scored the exam, providing guidance to teachers on developing sound assessment design and a “Twenty Golden Rule” reference list for future assessment development;
  • Validated assessments were uploaded and made available for use in the online Instructional Improvement System where pilot teachers were able to customize and generate their own online tests;
  • Data analysis and reporting within the Instructional Improvement System enabled teachers to determine assessments taken, review assessment results, examine early-warning indicators and “standards” report cards.


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