My SLO: From Beginning to End

MySLOpicPresenters: Race to the Top (RttT) student growth specialists including Apryl Ealy, northeast Ohio; Liz Wolfe-Eberly, Montgomery County Educational Service Center (ESC); and Katrina Wagoner, Hamilton County ESC.

Summary: Presenters explained a step-by-step process for developing a draft student learning objective, or SLO. Steps include gathering available baseline and trend data, writing the objective, and selecting and writing test instruments to help them with formative assessments. The student learning objective’s content will include the big ideas being taught during the interval of instruction. They should be broad enough to represent the most essential learning or skills, but narrow enough to be measured. The assessment to measure the objective should allow high- and low-achieving students to show growth. It should include questions of varying difficulty and complexity. To be valid and reliable, the items should be clear, concise and include appropriate vocabulary. Remember that growth targets should be ambitious yet attainable, and that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in student learning objectives.

Speakers recommend doing Module 5A or 5B on the Student Learning Objectives Web page at, where you also will see varied templates for writing the objectives. They also suggest that district and building teams select a one-day Assessment Literacy training from the nearly 100 sessions that that are offered regionally throughout this school year. Those who participate in the one-day assessment literacy training are eligible for professional development and technical assistance from an assessment literacy specialist assigned to their region.



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