Using 21st Century Tools to Foster a Collaborative Implementation of OTES

Presenter: Bob Heitkamp, 4th Grade Teacher, Fort Recovery Schools

Summary: The use of cloud-based software can create new partnerships among staff and ease in the implementation the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System. The Fort Recovery School District’s cloud-based software, called Forte, aided in the transition, simplified procedures and created reminders to meet the necessary deadlines in its first year of OTES.  Session presenter Bob Heitkamp is a 4th grade teacher in the Fort Recovery Schools and a member of the district’s evaluation committee.  He is also a credentialed evaluator for the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System.

Various customizable settings allowed the district to personalize the software based on their adopted model. For example they customized what comprised their walkthroughs. Further, a teacher can see learning goals and how their students are engaged.  Pre-conferences questions allow everyone to start from the same page.  These can be changed between specific teachers and administrators.

Benefits of the cloud-based teacher evaluation software:

  • Customizable to any device
  • Designed specifically for Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System
  • Incorporates all teacher performance components
  • Integrates teachers as part of the process
  • Provides scheduling software to remind evaluators of deadlines and upcoming evaluations

Observation Cycle

  • Walkthrough
  • Preconference
  • Observation
  • Post conference
  • Rating

Observation Tool

  • Collects coded and timed evidence
  • Adds emphasis for further filtration

The district found that their biggest challenge was incorporating the Student Learning Objectives into the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System.



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