Building Blended Learning Experience in Cincinnati

Presenter: Gary Greenberg, Director of Educational Technology, CET Public Television

Summary: Research: Sloan Consortium – Findings: Course development and purchasing costs are the greatest barriers in offering fully online or blended learning courses. Also, students need more discipline to succeed in an online course than in a face-to-face course. Cincinnati Educational Television developed a blended learning course for teachers on how to incorporate technology – specifically mobile – in lessons. The presenter shared that his process to develop the blended course for teachers is a similar process that teachers can use in developing blended courses for the classroom. First, orientation is important – introduce the speaker and technology. In blended learning, you can do this in a face-to-face portion. But presenter encourages a video for those who will not see the presenter face-to-face and will do the entire course online. When you do blended learning – all information must work on mobile devices. That’s how students find information. He encouraged teachers to start by taking a current lesson and build a part of the lesson for mobile. Concern is – will students do the work in an online setting?  Technology allows a student to perform an action and see a result – visual is more important than words for many students. In 2015, more than half of US workers will access Web through mobile devices.  Use video to demonstrate what online learning looks like. The potential is that students carry one slim device for studying outside of classroom. Mobile learning adds to, not replaces, a lesson. Presenter gave 10 questions to answer in developing mobile learning.  Provided a template to draft lesson activity. Encouraged to offer feedback. Question to answer – in online, will students have contact with a human? How to measure success? Ability of students to navigate and participate in the selected technology – did they engage in discussion with peers or instructor?

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