The Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project – Performance Assessment in Ohio Classrooms

Lauren Monowar-Jones, OPAPP Pilot Program Coordinator, Ohio Department of Education talks about the RttT sponsored formative assessment program.

Presenter: Lauren Monowar-Jones, Ph.D., OPAPP Program Coordinator, Office of Curriculum & Assessment, Ohio Department of Education

Summary: The Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Project is a Race to the Top-funded, formative assessment program created to design and field test assessments that gauge students’ mastery of the New Learning Standards and 21st century skills.

The pilot program employs a task dyad, or two-part assessment mechanism, consisting of an un-scored, curriculum-embedded, content-based task and a scored, performance-based, assessment of skills that were learned as part of the task. For example, in the first, un-scored, part of the dyad, students read and analyze several texts, in each case writing about what they believe the author was advocating and why. In the second, scored, part of the dyad, students read a text on a different subject and applying the analytical and writing skills they developed in the practice part of the dyad.

Ohio Department of Education assessment experts believe the performance-based assessment gives teachers concrete curriculum aligned with standards, while allowing them leeway to use the instructional methods of their choice. They also believe the performance-based assessment model, which occurs in the middle portion of the school year, strongly bridges the early-year and late-year summative assessments. Ohio hopes that the Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), which is developing assessments for Ohio’s Common Core mathematics and English language arts standards, may adopt the concept.

ODE has piloted several cohorts since 2008, including elementary and high school grades. It is still recruiting elementary schools as part of its cohort 5, which will center on grades 3-5 beginning fall 2013. Schools will make a one year commitment that will include teacher professional development and both online and face-to-face scoring tutorials in Columbus. Click here to see more detail on the Ohio Performance Assessment Pilot Program.

For More Information: For further information or to apply for participation in the pilot, contact Lauren Monowar-Jones, OPAPP coordinator, at or (614) 728-1759.

More on this Session: Download Presentation



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