Roster Verification: What Every Principal Needs to Know

Presenters: Sherman Moyer, Client and Organizational Services Specialist; Erica Powers, Client Engagement Specialist; Battelle for Kids

Summary: With value-added data becoming part of the student growth measure under the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System, districts must verify student rosters to ensure that each teacher’s value-added data is based on students the teacher has actually taught. Roster verification confirms which teacher has taught which students, in what subject, and during which months. Inaccurate teacher-student linkages make for inaccurate measures and diminish teacher trust in the evaluation system.

All Ohio school districts with value-added data will begin using the roster verification process in spring 2013. Teachers will be expected to do their own roster verifications, but principals will be responsible getting teachers and school personnel trained in the procedure and reviewing and approving teachers’ rosters.

Battelle for Kids, manages the roster verification system for the Ohio Department of Education and offers easily accessed training and resources through the Ohio Student Progress Portal. For best measurement results, districts, principals and teachers should begin now:

    • Make sure teachers have a good grasp of computer basics;
    • Start training teachers on the roster verification process through the portal’s online training resources.
    • Name and train designated coordinators for the district and each building—people who can help ensure that roster verification efforts are successful.
    • Create a school-level support team to assist the principal, and give its members administrative privileges (they won’t see value-added data).
    • Provide teachers the data and information they need to verify their rosters: student names for the entire school year, student attendance dates and district guidelines for assigning percent-of-instruction values when a student has more than one teacher.
    • Start to learn and use the roster verification administrative procedures. A brief video tutorial will show principals how to monitor whether teachers have completed their roster verification and how to review and approve the roster.

More on this Session: Download Presentation | Download Handout



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