Administrative Update: Transition to Ohio’s New Learning Standards.

Thomas D. Rutan, Associate Director, Ohio Department of Education, presents on Ohio Core.

Presenters: Thomas D. Rutan, Associate Director, Ohio Department of Education

Summary: Under the Ohio Core, new graduation requirements began with students who entered the ninth grade on or after July 1, 2010. Tom Rutan noted that the most common questions he hears concerns requirements of the new graduation requirements.

On common misconception is that the requirements apply based upon when a student graduation. In fact, Ohio Core applies to all those who are first-time 9th-graders in the 2010-11 school year, no matter when they graduate. Those in that cohort who graduate early must meet the requirements of the Ohio Core even though seniors graduating with them do not.

Students can “Opt Out” of the new graduation requirements by invoking a provision that allows a student to Opt Out after two years of the Ohio Core and graduate by meeting the pre-2014 requirements. However, such a student cannot attend a four-year state university (except for Youngstown State, Central State or Shawnee State Universities) without first establishing an academic foundation. The Opt-Out provision also requires career counseling at the local level and the concent of both the parent and the school.

Under Ohio Core, the Credit Flexibility provision enables a student to earn credit by testing out. The credit flexibility plan must require the student to show evidence of mastery through a senior project, distance learning, and/or postsecondary coursework.

Rutan also discussed the requirement to integrate of economics and financial literacy within social studies classes or another class, and the new Historical Documents requirement in social studies.

For More Information: Follow the links above, or click on the Academic Content Standards link near the bottom of the ODE home page at Also see the College and Career Ready web page at



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