Tools for Curriculum Mapping

Presenters:  Virginia McClain, Curriculum Director; Jill Hanke, Sidney City Schools

Curriculum mapping is…not a spectator sport. Every teacher and administrator is involved.

Overall:  a systematic approach to curriculum development is essential.

This is about a continuity of instruction, progressive skill development, avoiding unnecessary overlaps and gaps, problems of concentrating on one school or level.

You will map new learning standards, common assessments, teacher-based team, on-going PD.

The Roadmap to Mapping:

  • conduct gap analysis
  • prioritize big shifts
  • prioritize standards (power standards)
  • de-constructing standards
  • combine current maps with new plans
  • ensure understanding
  • complete vertical and horizontal alignment
  • analyze using reports for refinement

Conduct gap analysis – identify what content is new, what content has been removed from the grade level, and content that is the same.

Prioritize big shifts – identify the instructional and content shifts.

Prioritize standards (power standards) – identify the critical areas of focus and content essential for student success in the next grade.

De-constructing standards…identify the learning standards for each standard. Teachers should map learning targets, not standards; then combine current maps with new plans; and ensure understanding; complete vertical and horizontal alignment; and conclude by analyzing, using reports for ultimate refinement.

Resources:  Engage NY, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Survey of Enacted Curriculum, PARCC Model Content Frameworks, COREpedia, FIP Your School Ohio, Common Core Institute, Kentucky Department of Education, ODE Model Curricula, Illustrative Mathematics, Google.

More on this Session: Download Presentation



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