Presenter Q&A: Dave Weaver

Dave Weaver, Director of Educational Evaluation and Technical Assistance Services with RMC Research Corporation

School Improvement expert Dave Weaver, will present Confronting the Elephant in the Room: Overcoming Common Challenges during the Annual Statewide Education Conference Nov. 1-2. We recently asked him to share a few insights about what his session will offer attendees.

Q: What are two challenges commonly experienced when implementing school improvement plans and can they be avoided?
A: This session identifies three common challenges and elaborates on each: Lack of common instructional vision, sanctioned private practice, and lack of a coherent process for improving instructional practice

Q: Are there common mistakes made at implementation that create challenges that could otherwise be avoided?
A: The common mistake is that these challenges are not explicitly addressed because they go against a well-established paradigm that exists in schools. This sessions will share ways that highly effective school have addressed these challenges and will provide opportunities for school improvement teams to reflect on the degree to which their school improvement plans address these common challenges. The session will also introduce strategies that schools can use to develop plans that explicitly address these challenges.

Q: Who will benefit most from this session?
A: School improvement teams, school administrators, school improvement coordinators at the state and district level.

Q: What experience in implementing school improvement do you bring to the conference?
A: I bring more than 35 years working in education from a classroom teacher to my current position as the Director of Educational Evaluation & Technical Assistance Services at RMC Research Corp. in Portland, Oregon, including seven years of providing technical assistance to schools and  15 years of conducting research and evaluation of efforts to improve teaching and learning.




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